【6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy】

Sure, it can help you relax. But massage therapy can do much more than that.
Here are six healthy reasons to book an appointment.
It counteracts all that sitting you do
It eases muscle pain
It soothes anxiety and depression
It improves sleep
It boosts immunity
It relieves headaches

Vital Statistics

NAME名字 【Vivian】

AGE年纪 【29】

HEIGHT身高【 173cm】

WEIGHT体重【 50kg】



CAll / SMS信息


CHINESE only due to language barrier


👉FULL-NUDE Authentic OIL Massage【全裸体正宗油推按摩】
👉Nuru Body To Body Massage 【努鲁胶水床服务】

👉Full Body Chinese Acupressure Massage【全身穴位指压按摩】
👉Teasing Massage【调情按摩】
👉Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage【头部/颈部/肩部按摩】
👉Back Kneeling【跪背】
👉Ear Digging 【掏耳朵】

👉Lymphatic Drainage Massage【精油开背/全身淋巴排毒】
👉BooBs Massage【性感胸推】
👉Prostrate Maintenance【前列腺保养】
👉Authentic Thai Juagen【正宗泰式抓龙根】

It promotes and enhances blood flow to the lingam (male sexual organ) and related areas.
Manhood massage can remove toxins from the body.
It is more specific and intensive, and benefits other parts of the body, and not just the lingam.
Cultivate man’s sexual energy which in turn re-energizes the body enhances the immune system and promotes cells regeneration to slow down the aging process.
This massage is a holistic approach in maintaining one’s sexual health and general well-being.

👉99-style HDLY【99式海底捞月】
👉69 Handjob【69式打飞机】


SGD新币 $100/60mins/Full Body Massage/HJX2
SGD新币 $160/90mins/Nuru B2B/Full Body Massage/HJX2

【If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins】


NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls【没有口交/做爱/上门服务】
Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her!
Kindly respect her wishes 请尊重按摩技师!

1 Review for “Vivian Fully Nude B2B

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Justformassage | 11 months ago

    Commando Mr for this gem.
    Looks 80% like photo, slim, tall, attitude very friendly.
    Massage with strength and know her stuff well esp jg part, slightly different from others which i find it quite authentic and enjoyable. Teasing is good and she is fully nude so roaming is not an issue.
    Will rtm.