【The Benefits of Manhood Massage】

Manhood massage is a regular maintenance of male sexual organ, this is the most important area of the body. Manhood massage help to promote better and proper blood circulation to the area, remove unwanted toxin around the area and to release trapped air around the vein. As to maintain good performance, good blood circulation requires around this area. Manhood treatment is more specific and intensive, which concentration is given to all related parts of the body to the manhood organ.

Vital Statistics


AGE年纪 28

HEIGHT身高【 165cm

WEIGHT体重【 49kg





CHINESE only due to language barrier


👉SEMI-NUDE Authentic OIL Massage【半裸体正宗油推按摩】
👉Teasing Massage【调情按摩】
👉Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage【头部/颈部/肩部按摩】
👉Back Kneeling【跪背】
👉Lymphatic Drainage Massage【精油开背/全身淋巴排毒】
👉BooBs Massage【性感胸推】
👉Prostrate Maintenance【前列腺保养】
👉Authentic Thai Juagen【正宗泰式抓龙根】

It promotes and enhances blood flow to the lingam (male sexual organ) and related areas.
Manhood massage can remove toxins from the body.
It is more specific and intensive, and benefits other parts of the body, and not just the lingam.
Cultivate man’s sexual energy which in turn re-energizes the body enhances the immune system and promotes cells regeneration to slow down the aging process.
This massage is a holistic approach in maintaining one’s sexual health and general well-being.
👉99-style HDLY99式海底捞月】
👉69 Handjob69式打飞机】

👉【THE ONE AND ONLY DDS Bio-Electric Massage Therapy 电疗】
Apply only on 90mins package


SGD新币 $100/60mins/Full Body Massage/Authentic Thai Juagen正宗泰式抓龙根/HJX2
SGD新币 $160/90mins/Full Body Massage/Authentic Thai Juagen正宗泰式抓龙根/HJX2
DDS Bio-Electric Massage Therapy 电疗

If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins


NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls【没有口交/做爱/上门服务】
Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her
Kindly respect her wishes请尊重按摩技师!

2 reviews for “GI GI 36D Juagen Expert

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Mytonnytan | 11 months ago

    Fr for Gigi

    She’s really our man Gigi , powerful hands with beautiful boobs to save us

    Massage is good and comfortable. Really enjoy myself watching at the big side mirror during the massage. Soft music with dim light … really feel like having a great moment at GF place

    She will start from your leg, inner thigh then back. I’m always enjoy inner thigh massage and let her play around your inner thigh and balls

    Come to the main point…JG. She practices an authentic Thai JG which call Ping Pong Massage (layman term) or testicle massage (technical term) which heighten our libido. BTW, i’m still in “super high libido mode” after the release … power ah!!! I don’t feel pain during the section so really shiok and enjoy the JG section with her. BTW, she mentioned i got no sand in my tube and can hear the sound of my tube . I guess i should learn more from her in the next visit

    After the JG then my hands start the auto roaming mode ….. when the boobs are our…she will sit on your tummy then my volcano exploded

    After the explosion, still got some time… so we do some quick reference check on her ipad regarding the JG notes …Wow! she’s really pro leh

    I guess I also need to make a regular body maintenance with her as well

    BTW, i didn’t know dxttxl got menthol shower Gel …shiok ah. hahaha … if some bro still remember

    Attitude: 10/10
    Boob:C+ Super soft
    Body: Fit and sunny
    massage: 8/10
    JG: 10/10
    Auto roam: yes
    Dmg: $100/60min

    By: Skenat | 11 months ago

    Just came back from a satisfying massage.

    I had a shoulder pain from a fall, and have tried various methods (physio, accupoint, massage, etc) to heal it over the last 6 months, but to no avail.

    The first bioelectric massage session was quite painful on the affected area, but was 80% cured. After 2 more session, I would say that it is 95% cured, and I can move my shoulder without the constant pain I used to have.

    The icing on the cake is after the massage, where she will treat your bro to the best juagen ever.

    She does not do FJ, so please respect her wishes.

    Take care of this gem bros.